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Hardware / Component Fabrication

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PEC designed and fabricated a number of components for a NASA research facility. The components were designed to expand the operating capabilities of the facility. The assembly is water cooled to prevent damage that might result from the hot gas (several thousands degrees F) that passes through it. The design also required electrical insulation so the electrical power used to generate the hot gas did not follow an undesired path that would have damaged the facility. PEC performed the structural and thermal analysis to verify the integrity of the completed assembly. PEC also arranged for fabrication and testing before shipping the assembly to NASA.

PEC designed and fabricated a nozzle assembly for a commercial aerospace company. The nozzle was fabricated from Inconel-625 and was design to operate at temperatures up to 1200 degrees F. PEC provided the design concept and initial stress analysis. A 3-D thermal / structural analysis was then performed to verify the integrity of the assembly. Once the analysis was completed PEC began fabrication of the assembly and testing of the completed part.

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PEC recently participate in a research project funded by the US Air Force. The program was to develop new methods for fabricating components for an existing Air Force test facility. PEC consulted to review materials, and design options for consideration and assisted in the thermal/structural analysis. The project resulted in several concepts that offered various benefits relative to fabrication and cost. Prototype samples were fabricated to determine the methods and to identify alternatives to the concepts.

PEC has provided design and prototype development to international clients. A client who operates a high temperature test facility in Europe contacted PEC to design and fabrication a prototype component to replace one, which was not performing well. PEC designed the component to fit in the facility and provide improved performance. Structural/thermal analysis was required to verify the new design could withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures. Once the design was ready, PEC fabricated several prototype samples and delivered them to the client to test in their facility. After several months of testing, the client declared the new design acceptable and order several for future use and it is now the default equipment in the facility.

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